It’s only February so why lose those resolutions, that renewed focus and inspiration you promised yourself last month? All those “I’ll do it later”s and “when I have time”s are only a measure to hold you back. After all, 2019 is your year, your whole a** year! Or is that just what everyone’s Instagram feeds say?

Unless you’ve already shed those holiday pounds, renovated your home, started a family, and figured out how to quit your nine-to-five job since January, you’ve still got plenty of time to make those dreams come alive. You’ve probably looked up how to become a stay-at-home blogger, make money off your craft obsession, reach a bigger audience with your economics classes, or start your own podcast because people love listening to you, or at least you love listening to you. No shame!

Regardless of the cheesy Hallmark “resolutions” spin-off, take that motivation, put it towards something you’ve always wanted to do and don’t give up on those promises you make to yourself year and year again. With ten months left, there is still so much time and so many ways to take action on your goals. It would be a crime if you didn’t. Nine-to-five jobs are so 2018, so leave that sh** in 2018.

Whatever it is you do, not knowing where to start, or the best platform to showcase and monetize your work, can be discouraging. With all the information out there, how can you be certain you’re making the right decision?

Don’t let yourself get pulled in multiple directions. You need to make a decision and be confident it was the right one. Don’t spread yourself too thin on multiple platforms because they each offer something a little different.

If you have or are growing your audience and want to start working for yourself, here’s some of the best advice you’ll get… make Collide part of your plan. And here’s why:

These are the new features implemented this year (some already here and some coming really, really soon):

We left Beta!!!

That means a stable, scalable platform, a better creator and supporter experience, and an enhanced look. And we’re not done; watch as more updates continue to flood in.

Multi-tier subscriptions

You’ll be able to expand your subscription packages to allow for all different levels of supporters.


Hello to our podcasters and musicians!! Come one, come all, come many.


It’s your pricing, so you set the price, no constraints. The sky’s the limit!

Text/Calling in UK and Canada

As we grow so does our audience. Keep looking out as we continue to expand our call and text features to other countries.  

International Creators

We now payout creators across the globe and VideoChat works everywhere. Konnichiwa, bonjour, olá!

Referral Links

Get paid 3% of Net from your referrals, so sit back, relax and collect your earnings, it’s that easy. Introduce your creative friends to a platform they’ll thank you for later.

Detailed Analytics Dashboard

No more headaches and confusion. Simple, easy-to-read analytics of your performance.

Connect Branding

You won’t want to miss our new and enhanced colors and symbols.

We participated in “new year, new me” and are sticking to our resolutions and invite you to join us. Collide is a one-stop-shop platform for creatives to share with supporters and connect with superfans. Enjoy your creative freedom and unique Connect features to fans, that set this platform apart from all the rest, without any of the arbitrary censorship. (Yeah, we’re talking to you Patreon!)

So, cheers to sticking out your resolutions, and welcome to Collide. The only “cheating” you’ll be participating in this year is to your diet on a few extra boxes of those Girl Scout cookies (‘tis the season), am I right?!